Meet Regina a well-deserving widow serving her neighborhood with the little she has. Her home was about to crash to the ground when we met.


Karis Widows, a program of BHH, contracted local labor and supplies to rebuild her home from ground up. Regina was the recipient of our first home rebuild.

Regina no longer has to worry about her home. She has a safe and secure place as she serves her community. We are expanding our work to 6 homes a year in Nicaragua, Central America. You can help a well deserving widow gain hope and security. 

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Crystal & Byron Easterling
co-founders of BHH
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Impoverished Widows Need Safe homes

This all began for Byron in 1979 in the mountains of Guatemala during a summer missions trip as a 24-year-old who was hungry to do something more than care for myself.

63% Living in Poverty

We currently build homes for widows and single mothers in Matagalpa, a quiet valley city surrounded by green hills and nestled along Nicaragua’s second-longest river. Though Matagalpa is known as the pearl of the north, the rural population is particularly affected by high levels of poverty.


Nicaragua is the poorest Central American country and the least stable in the area. It is the second-poorest in the Western hemisphere after Haiti. Poverty is twice as high in rural areas with up to 63% living below the poverty line. Thousands of Nicaraguans are trying to survive off less than $1 per day.


Nicaragua has over 120,000 widows, and there is relatively little protection for them.

Host A Gathering

Would you enjoy hosting a session with the Easterlings? Generally over a meal with your friends or acquaintances the Easterlings would be honored to share the vision and journey of Karis Widows. Click the button to contact Erin and make arrangements.

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Meet The Team


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We have the joy and honor of leading this growing project that began in the mountains of Guatemala. We look forward to you journeying with us. 

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Erin Cockroft

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As the administrator, my main role is make sure everything is moving forward as scheduled. I also enjoy creating monthly videos for our sponsors. 

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Jerenia Torrez

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As a Nicaraguan, I meet the widows face-to-face and get to oversee the home rebuilds from the start. The widows are so joyful when they see their new home. 

Leck Heflin

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As the President of Pontis Nicaragua we are in close association with BHH. I am a 4th generation home builder and help the Karis Widows by making sure the homes are built safe and secure.

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Jose Alfredo

Hola, I am the general contractor for Karis Widows. Each time I rebuild a widows home I see the hope our work does. Thank you for helping us. Mejorar su mundo or translated, make her world better!

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